After Radhe Maa, Radhe Paa Enters The Market & He’s Damn Hilarious

Till today, we have been hearing about Radhe Maa; who she is, what she does, what she wears and controversies related to her but now, to divert your attention from Radhe Maa, Radhe Paa has entered the market and he seems to be more interesting than Radhe Maa. Yes, you heard it right!!

This video presents Radhe Paa who harasses couples and advices them that whatever they are doing is against the Indian culture. Not only this, he also asks all the guys to tie Rakhi on the wrist of girls. Yeah, don’t read it again, you read right in first time! It’s opposite to the trend but this is what Radhe Paa does to harass couples!! I’m sure this video will make you LOL…

Must Watch Hilarious Video:

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