Actor Aftab Shivdasani Gets Secretly Married To This Beautiful Girl

Bollywood actors are continuously under lens of the media. Bring under the lens is an integral part of their job. Be it while shooting for a film or during the promotions. That is why unlike commoners they try to keep their marriage low profile. Bollywood Actor Aftab Shivdasani’s name is also now added  in this list.

Aftab Shivdasanisource

Aftab Shivdasani who has done numerous films also decided to keep his marriage a low profile affair. He married his long time girlfriend Nin Dusanj. The ceremony was attended by just both the families.


Who is Nin Dusanj?

Nin Dusanj is British-Indian who is the younger sister of Kabir Bedi’s wife Parveen Dusanj.


Aftab had strings of broken relationships and betrayals that left him heartbroken. His faith from love and marriage had vanished until he me his lady love Nin. Nin resurrected his faith in love and marriages.


She changed his life and his perception for the institutuion of marriage and love.

A close friend of Aftab said, “Woh kehte hain na, jala hua phook phook ke mooh lagata hai. Aftab has always been taken for a ride in his relationships until he met Nin Dusanj. She has changed Aftab’s life and resurrected his faith in the institutions of love and marriage. Aftab is paranoid about losing her and fiercely protective of his relationship.”

Why he married secretly?

Aftab had a bitter taste of relationships in his past. He was very paranoid about losing her. He is quite superstitious and believes in buri nazar. That is why to protect his relationship from any buri nazar he secretly married his lady love Nin.


Aftab confirmed the news of his marriage by saying “Yes, we got married recently. We’ve been traveling. There was no secrecy about the wedding. Only the family was present. We’ll celebrate our wedding formally at the end of the year.”