Finally This Actor Comedian Replaced Sunil Grover On The Kapil Sharma Show!

Manisha Koirala is good to go to make a rebound in Bollywood with “Dear Maya” in which she is depicting the lead character of a loner woman who falls a prey to the absurd trick by two young ladies. It’s very uplifting news for her fans who will get the chance to watch her on silver screen after quite a while, as she had been far from the business because of tumor. It’s absolutely respecting on her part that she fought a dangerous sickness and recalled herself to concentrate on her profession by and by. The lovely performing artist will soon show up on The Kapil Sharma Show, clearly for the advancements of her up and coming flick.

As of late, a trailer from the truth drama show is turning into a web sensation on web and web-based social networking in which Kiku Sharda can be seen paying tribute to Manisha by instituting her well-known tracks.

In the event that you have viewed the video, it must have promptly helped you to remember Sunil who used to get life every one of his demonstrations.

In the event that You Have Not Watched The Trailer Yet, Here It Is:

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“Manisha Koirala was completely shocked and flabbergasted subsequent to taking a gander at Kiku Sharda’s cool proceeds onward her hit melodies.”

How might we overlook that Sunil performed brilliantly on numerous Bollywood numbers for various film stars including Gerua for Kajol and SRK, which is still crisp in our psyches?

Was Kiku’s performance was up to the mark ? Do you think Sunil could have done it betterly? Did you miss Sunil while watching Kiku’s performace? Share your perspectives in the comment section below.