A Son Feeds Sick Mother Using His Teeth. Sets The Perfect Example Of Humanity

Parents are our prime priority in life and till the time they are happy, our hearts will stay at peace. No man, who has shown disrespect to their parents has ever become a successful person.

And the ones who see their heaven in serving their parents are more than just normal people. They are the deities of goodness and love.

So is this person named Chen Xinyin who has inspired a lot of humans around us with his inspirational story.





This 91 year old lady is Chen Xinyin’s mother who is growing older and weaker day by day. But, her takes complete care of her life and her amenities.

Strength never dies till there is hope

He is taking care of his home since 2014. When he was a 14-year-old young boy, he used to contribute to his household by rearing sheep and buffaloes even then. His father died when he was just 20 and all the burden of the entire family was transferred to his mother’s shoulders.


Cooks his own food without any help

He made every effort that his disability doesn’t defeat him in this race. He tries completing household chores with feet and somehow manages to get succeeded, with some scars. When he tried to lift the knife for the first time, the knife fell on his other foot, the marks of which are still visible.


Quite an amount of cattle to look after 

But he still manages to look after his 24 sheeps, 2 buffalos and 4 hens without anyone else’s help and also grows plants around his house for basic food.


No to begging

Some people suggested him to beg for earning money, but he did not take the path of begging and wanted to earn with dignity just like he does now.


Every son and daughter ought to be like him 

With the amount of struggles he faces daily, he never bowed his head to the difficult road and kept on moving forward. Never did he let his hardship come into the way of taking care of his mother. Such an inspiration!!!





Source : WittyFeed