A Muslim Cab Driver Cried Saying, “Thank You” When I Took His Cab After The Paris Attack

In the eye of recent Paris attacks, Muslims all over the world are condemning what happened. They are scared of continuing their normal lives as people are generalizing the whole community, and these people are tired of receiving stares of suspicion whenever they go out in the world.

Here’s a heartbreaking incident that unfolded in New York city:

1. After the Paris attacks, a high alert was sounded in all major cities around the world. New York was no exception.

2. People were scared and looked with suspicion at every stranger on the streets, especially Muslims.

3. A young man, Alex Malloy stopped a cab and was in for a life-changing experience.

4. His cab driver, a Muslim man said “Thank you” from the bottom of his heart because people were looking at him with mistrust and fear, and wouldn’t sit in his cab.

5. Alex was the first one to do so in many hours. All the man wanted to do was his job.

6. The driver cried the whole way which made Alex break down too.

7. And the driver uttered the most pain laced, but beautiful truth, “Allah, my God,  does not believe in this.”

Here’s the story in detail:

He recounted his recent cab ride as a horridly emotional encounter on social media.

This experience of this New Yorker is an eye opener for all. These people who cold-bloodedly take innocent lives like to think they have a religion and are following a godly diktat, but in reality, they have no religion and they are doing just the opposite.





Alex Malloy urges everyone to put themselves in the shoes of the cab driver and feel the helplessness. It’s a feeling no innocent person deserves to feel.

If there is a God, I’m sure the tears of the honest and life loving people is not what is required from the world as an offering to Him. There is no godliness in killing innocence.

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