A Hungry Kid Was Asking For Food But What This Man Did With Him Will Boil Your Blood

Not having much is the easiest way out for us from not giving to someone in need. But what when we have some extra Or we get something we never worked for. Will it anyhow change our mentality. This experiment by NisheethTV reveals the answer to it.

In this experiment…they drooped 500 rupee note on the stret to see if the ones who picks it, will feed a hungry guy who happens to confront their way. And the result was pretty dissapointing. Although what happens in the end will leave you keep thinking.

This might also change your perceptions towards life. Watch the social experiment video below:-

Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube

How did you find this video? What would have you done, had you found the Rs 500 note on road? Would you have helped the poor or you would have just taken the note & run away?

Share your views about this social experiment in comments section below.
Source : RVCJ