A Hot Girl Offers Rides To Stranger Guys In Her Corvette, But What Happens Next When She Changes The Car. LOOK!!!

Heard about girls being gold diggers. If not you should check out our article on a girl who was a gold digger and grabbed an opportunity to date a guy just because he drives a Lamborghini.

But we are here not going to talk about girls being a gold digger. Instead, this is about guys being one and instances where they can even ditch their girlfriend just to get a ride of a Corvette. The prank was brought by YouTube channel YesFunnyYes

Check out this hilarious prank where a hot girl offers rides to stranger guys in her Corvette, but check out what happens later when she…

You can watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here.

This proves that its just human tendency to be a gold digger. ?

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