A Girl Was Chased By A Guy. What Happened Next Is Just Shocking.

The current perspective of people on a guy on road during the night time has become completely stagnant and brutally negative. If a boy is seen smoking around even in his local area at the night time, the parents of a girl would make her stay away from the person as long as they feel safe.

This kind of mentality has brought a lot of guys to a very rude response even if they are completely innocent and are just indulged in their own personal acts.

Especially the girls have become afraid of the younger male population seen at night, and even at the day time too. Any alone girl would get a feeling of being unsafe in the presence of a stranger at day time.

Which is not true completely, as a lot of people in the country are not rapists or molesters. They are simple people who turned out to be at the same place just like you did for some purpose.

The same thing happened with the girl in the video who was walking around at night alone.

As she came across a guy sitting on a vehicle doing something on his own, she felt a little uneasiness in herself. But, as she moved away along her way, she noticed that someone was following her.

And later it turned out to be the same guy from the road, so she started running but later she fell down and the guy came near her. He approached her as she sounded very terrified and protective.

What happened later will open all of you people’s eyes on the stagnant theory of men seen at night being the horrible people of the society.