90-Yr Dalit Burnt Alive For Trying To Enter Temple


The country is already angry at the Dadri murder case and now one more incident has taken place which gives the word “cruelty”, a new meaning and height.

In Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh a 90 year old Dalit person, whose name was Chimma, was killed as he was trying to enter a temple with his family. On Wednesday evening, Chimma with his wife, brother and son Durjan had gone to Maidani Baba temple in Bilgaon. Bilgaon is a village which is situated on the border of Hamirpur and Jalaun districts, 140 kms from the Kanpur city.

When Chimma was entering the temple, he was prevented from entering the temple by a person named Sanjay Tiwari. When Chimma refused, Sanjay first attacked him with an axe then he poured Kerosene on Chimma and burnt him. This whole incident happened in front of several people who came to worship in temple.

Sanjay Tiwari was arrested by the police as the crowd in the temple caught him and they also told that at that time, Sanjay was drunk.

As per the eyewitness, Sanjay asked not only Chimma but many others to not to enter the temple but all refuse which aggravated Sanjay and he attacked Chimma with an axe, Chimma’s wife cried for help, after that he poured Kerosene on Chimma and burnt him.

Mukesh Aghi, US-Indian Business Council’s President said that two accomplices of Sanjay have also been booked in the FIR and presently they are out of the reach of the law.

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