9 Records Broken By Baahubali – Within First 3 Days Of Release, Way To Go!!

Baahubali – 2 started with all guns blazing on the first day on the back of the mystery – “Katappa Ne Baahubali ko Kyon maara” and the juggernaut does not seem like stopping anytime soon. It opened with a total revenue of Rs. 121 crore on the very first day itself, which is an all time record in the Indian movie industry.

The movie is trending so fast and getting such positive reviews that no record seems to be too far. Here, we bring to you 9 records which have been broken by the movie so far –

1. Screen Count – 9000

SS rajamouli

The movie has been released globally on 9000 screens (6500 in India and 2500 outside India). This is a record for any Indian movie and also shows the kind of expectations which the whole industry had from the movie. Before this, the record was held by Dangal which released on 6000 screens.

2. Advance Booking Collection – Rs. 36 Crore


Such was the craze of this movie. Before Baahubali – 2, this record was held by Dangal which managed to collect Rs. 18 Crore through advance bookings.

3. First Day Collection > Rs. 100 Crore


First movie ever in India to cross Rs. 100 crore through Tickets collection on the first day itself.

4. Black Ticket Price – Rs. 5000 per ticket

The movie tickets were in such high demand that they were being sold for as high as Rs. 5000 in the black market. Even in the open market, tickets sold at upto Rs. 2400. Both of these are records for the Indian market.

5. First Weekend Collection in India – Rs. 320 Crore


The movie has beaten all the previous record holders such as PK, Sultan and Dangal hands down.

6. First Weekend collection Outside India – Rs. 120 Crore


Now, this is a biggie. The movie has collected Rs. 50 crore just from its release in US.

7. 1 Ticket sold every 12 seconds on Book My Show

This is a record for the website and the company’s servers could have easily crashed given this kind of load from the viewers 🙂

8. Released on 800 screens in US


Previously, the record was held by Dangal which was released on 331 screens in the US

9. Occupancy Rate – 95%

95% occupancy across 9000 screens is an unheard of number. It explains the ticket collection numbers which have been raked in by the movie.

And, we hope that it is just the beginning for the movie and it will score a century of such records.