9 Hilarious Mistakes In Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge You Did Not Notice

This iconic romantic flick of Bollywood stole many hearts when it was released on 20 October, 1995. It became the highest grossing film of the year by grabbing a copious amount of 1.06 billion in India and 160 million overseas.

This movie is now screened for 20 years at Maratha Mandir in Mumbai. It has set a benchmark in Indian movies.

But here we disclose some flaws of this romantic saga which I bet you have never noticed.

1. It is a story set in Punjab but look at the back.

Apta is a station 1700kms away from Punjab. A small station near Mumbai.



2. Suspense Reloaded!

If Simran had already cleared the floor then from where did this bra came in the very next scene?

where did this bra came out

3. Is the train moving or at a standstill?

Wait! What?

Scene-In-One-Side-Of-Window-Is-In-Motion-But-Look-At-The-Other-One (1)

4. There is already a compartment door next to you, Simran Mam!

Why the hell is she running in pursuit of holding Raj’s hand when already a door happens to be next to her.


5. Wedding bash in the absense of Simran’s buddies.

Even not a single one is featured in the scene. We can expect having them, after all it is a wedding bash organized for Simran.


6. Same scene, but different field.

They met in the Mustard fields in Punjab but suddenly the field changes. We had never paid heed to such a big flaw like this!


7. Who photographed them together?

Simran’s all friends are present in the scene beside her. Than who clicked Raj’s picture with her when he pulls Simran’s leg with the red rose.


8. Even Google maps can’t answer this.

Simran never told Raj about her wedding venue and the date. Then how Raj managed to find it as he suddenly showed up there!


9. Raj’s clothes were the same which he was wearing at the Zurich church but not Simran’s.

Simran lost her passport, even her belongings while she was schlepping in Europe. Then how she changed her clothes one after the other while Raj was wearing only one outfit the whole time.


credited to thestorypedia.com and mtvindia.com