8 Most Horrible Rituals Practiced On Woman

We boast on how our country has moved forward in terms of technology and infrastructure. However, a country can’t be called fully developed until the women in their society also get equal status. We talk about social upliftment and women empowerment. But today also there are countries across the world where horrible rituals are performed on women. Check out some of those horrible rituals.

1. Breast burning


This ritual is practiced in some parts of Nigeria and South Africa. People believe that burning a woman’s breast will prevent it from growing. Therefore, it will help to reduce the cases of rape.

2. Beaten naked


 In some parts of Brazil, women are taken on road naked and beaten till death or unconsciousness. If the woman still wakes up after the merciless beating, she is considered fit for marriage.

3. Female genital mutilation


 In nations such as Egypt and Somalia, clitoris of young girls is mutilated. This brutal act is practiced by the women of the girl’s family under the unhygienic conditions and without using any drug. You”ll be shocked to know the reason behind this ritual. It is done to preserve the virginity of young girls.

4. Crying marriage


This is a ritual performed in Sichuan Province in Southwestern China. The bride needs to cry every night for 30 days before her marriage. If she doesn’t do that her mother beats her to make her cry.

5. Force feeding


In some places in Mauritania, people desire women with a full figure so much that the woman is forced to eat a lot. She has to consume 16,000 calories per day to prepare for her wedding.

6. Bride kidnapping


There is a belief in some sections of Romani people if a man kidnaps a woman and keep her with him for 3-5 days, then he can marry the girl.

7. Teeth Chiseling


In certain parts of Sumatra, girls with sharp teeth are considered attractive. And that is why they chisel their teeth with a sharp tool. What’s even more horrifying is that the operation is done without giving any drug to numb it.

8. Forced tattoos


In some parts of Brazil and Paraguay, it is compulsory for women to get a tattoo on their back, breast, and stomach. As their men find women with tattoo attractive, it is a compulsion to get tattoo all over the body.