These 8 Funniest WhatsApp Chats Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

With an easy user interface, WhatsApp is used widely throughout the world. No doubt it is the most popular messaging App. Time to time it keeps on updating its features. Unlike the simple message feature in our phones, WhatsaApp lets its user do free voice calls as well as video calls. However, 90% of its users still prefer using text messages to communicate and not voice or video calling.

Funniest WhatsApp chats

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There are many people who can turn a simple chat to a hilarious one. You can’t deny the fact that at least once even you have ended up taking a screenshot of any hilarious chat. Today we have compiled some hilarious WhatsApp chats.

Have a look at these 8 funniest WhatsApp chats that will make you go LOL


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Hahaha, Angel Priya found!


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Nailed it funny-whatsapp-indian-chats-7-min-1-1

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Tit for tat


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Memory Loss


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This is a perfect example why you shouldn’t write the word Holiday in Hindi,


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Smart move…Lol!


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