8 BIGGEST Lies in Indian History Which We All Believed To Be True! #3 is Shocking!!

As small children, we are told some fake facts and we grow up to believe on these facts without even bothering to cross-check these facts. To our surprise, we all have been considering some baseless facts to be true since nobody ever tried to reason out the truth behind these facts.

Here are 8 such biggest lies told in the history of India which for some weird reasons managed to gain our trust and conviction.

Varanasi is the oldest inhabited city in the world.

The city is surely pretty old but clearly not the oldest. There are over 30 cities which were inhabited before Varanasi in 1100 BC. Get your facts right, historians.

Mahatma Gandhi was photographed dancing at some party with a British lady.

Hold on before you jump to conclusions. This Australian man dressed as Gandhi Ji resembles him so much that anyone can fell for the rumor. But thankfully, he isn’t our Bapu. You can happily continue to idolize him.

Hindi is the national language of India.

Remember mugging up this fact back in our school days? As a matter of fact, there’s no evidence of it that Hindi was ever declared as our national language. While India clearly has no national language, we end up having a total of 23 official languages today, Hindi is one of them.

Hockey is the national game of India.

Thanks to our textbooks which led us to believe it. But an RTI reply has totally turned down this belief.

Ayodhya has been there since Ramayana days.

The modern day town of Ayodhya was actually set up by King Vikramaditya with the aim to recreate the mystical age of Ramayana. The temple of Nageshwarnath, established by Kush, son of Rama was the only thing to survive when Ayodhya got abandoned. This temple helped Vikramaditya recognize the city.

“An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Grew up believing that Mahatma Gandhi himself gave this fancy one-liner? Time for a reality check. It was Ben Kingsley who said this line in the movie Gandhi. Since there’s no record of it being the very own words of Gandhi Ji, let’s give some credit to the poor dialogue-writer.

India was disqualified from FIFA World Cup 1950 because players insisted on playing barefoot.

India made it to FIFA 1950 after four teams backed out from participating. But since the tour to Brazil was a costly affair and AIFF had no trust in the potential of Indian players to stand up against Italy, it canceled the tour and cooked this news to escape the embarrassment. Yup! That’s the story.

Milkha Singh looked back in his 400m ever in Rome Olympics which cost him the race.

The actual footage shows that he never looked back. In fact, he was in the leading three for some time in the beginning of the race but was soon pushed to 4th position. With great zest and efforts, he secured the fourth position and God knows how this dramatic rumor managed to pop up.