8 Beautiful Places In India That Are Banned Due To Paranormal Activities

We are sure that you have watched “Ssssshh Koi hai” or “Aahat” at least once in your lifetime. Spooky and paranormal activities leave most of us with goosebumps. While some people are thrilled with the paranormal activities, others just can’t take it.

Even government authorities also believe in paranormal activities. And that is why they have planned few places which are considered as haunted. Here is the list of beautiful things that have been banned by the Government.

 1. Bhangarh Fort


Bhangarh Fort is situated in Rajasthan and has been declared as one of the most haunted places in India. People who have been there have experienced plethora of paranormal activities.

2. Dumas Beach


Situated in Surat, this lovely beach has been officially declared haunted by the Indian government. Locals claim that a person who stays at this beach for a night never comes back. It was earlier used as a cremation ground for Hindus.

3. Kudhara


Another haunted place in Rajasthan. It is known as a ghost village. The spirits protects the land and kills anyone who tries to inhabit the land.

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli


This historical monument is situated in Delhi. It is being said that at this place people were thrown cruelly in the wells of black water. Moreover, people say that anyone who stares wells for more than 5 minutes, automatically commits suicide.

5. Vrindavan Society


Vrindavan Society is the most haunted place in Thane. Here a man lost his life years ago and his spirit revolves around in the night. Security guards have reported incidents where they were slapped by someone when they fell asleep during the night shift.

6. Sanjay Van


Sanjay Van is a haunted forest located in New Delhi. People visits this forest have experienced paranormal activities. They say that a woman in saree appears suddenly and once they start panicking, she disappears.

7. Aleya Ghost lights


Aleya Ghost lights often known as Marshall ghost lights tend to confuse people. It is being said that the fisherman who follows this lights never comes back.

8. Dow Hill


Dow hills are beautiful hills located in Darjeeling. Innumerable murders in the forest near the forest have been happened. And that might be reason for the place to be haunted. People have witnessed a boy without a head walking around the forest.