7 Things That You Should Never Ever Do Before Making Love

It’s your first time with your love. And you might be confident that everything would go well on bed with your love. But even the most perfect person can make mistake when he is with his lady love. So today we as your saviour have compiled a list of 7 things that you should avoid doing before making love.

1. Heavy meal


While you might be a huge food lover, but having a heavy meal before sex is never a good idea. It will slow down your body, make you feel sleepy or lethargic.

2. Food as a lubricant


The hot chocolate on the body pre-sex may sound sexy. But what about post-sex yeast infection. Avoid using any sugary food on private parts as they might become the reason of yeast infection on your body.

3. Getting drunk


The thought of getting drunk before sex excites many people. However, very few people know that alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol triggers the part of the brain and diminishes the sensations.  It might even put you down in a deep sleep. According to a study, people who consume alcohol before sex finds it difficult to enjoy the moment.

4. Eating spicy food


Kathryn Boling, M.D. primary care physician says, “Foods can affect vaginal odor and taste.” Spicy foods can cause gas in your system that you definitely don’t want to happen during sex.

5. Taking an Antihistamine

Antihistamines are the drugs used in the treatments of allergies. In the process of drying up of mucus, they dry out other parts of the body also includes Vagina also.

6. Drinking an energy drink

You might think that consuming energy drink before sex can make you last long and have better sex. But energy drinks contain sugar that can make you sluggish after a certain time.

7. Rush things


Don’t rush into things very quickly. Go slow, take your time and experiment. This is especially for those people who are doing it for the first time or with a new partner.