7 Reasons Why Friendship After Breakup Never Work

Breakups are heartbreaking, disappointing, and an ultimate destroyer. One who loves more suffers more. People who go through such breakups end up mentally affected. They were so into their partner that when they left them, they were left all alone and their life a complete ruin.

Sometimes we become heartless and leave that person on his/her own. But there are also times when we are suffering as much as them in ending a relationship. But nobody can better understand that sooner or later it has to end.

If you think you can compensate for what you have done by remaining friends with your ex, then you are absolutely wrong.

Here are 10 reasons why post-breakup friendships with your ex is always a failure.

1. When you are friends with him, your sole purpose becomes not to let him know how much better off you are without him.

It will definitely pinch your partner very hard and trust me there’s not even a streak of friendship in it.


2. When you try real hard to console yourself but always end up crying because all those sweet memories come rushing to your mind.

It happens almost everytime you talk to them. It makes it very hard to remain in your senses and be happy while talking to them.


3. When you are single after finally breaking up with your ex but now realize how much you still love each other.



4. Or if you are not single and are seeing someone new, it will always break his heart.

For example, doing double dates with your ex. It will definitely break him loose.


5. When you need him to talk to but realize that now you are not in a relationship anymore and things can’t be the same as before.

It’s heartbreaking. Really!


6. When you finally realize that it wasn’t you but him at fault when he broke up with you.

And it is the best feeling ever.


7. When you ask her to spend some quality time with you but end up in bed together.

Did that ever happen to you?


Do you think that post-breakup friendships could ever work? Share your views in the comment section below.