7 Countries That Also Celebrate Diwali

This greatest Indian festival is not just INDIAN, it’s celebrated at many places around the Globe. The festival is celebrated in many ways in many countries, similar ways of celebration may be found at many places. Crackers, lights, Diyas, Worshiping GOD at temples, distributing sweets all around are the ways included in the celebration.


UK (United Kingdom)

The kind of Diwali, the richness of culture, the happiness and charm of celebration in The United Kingdom is no less in vigor than in INDIA. Cleaning the homes, Lightings, and all other kind of decoration is done, New clothes are worn by people and people gather to witness the special ceremony.



Mainly the island, Island of BALI has a large no. of Indians living there. The celebration compared to the other parts of the country are less loud, But! involves the same procedures, Decorations, Crackers, New Clothes and Lighting their homes.




Better known as HARI DIWALI, the festival is celebrated all over the country with a great amount of excitement. Traditional ways are adopted for celebration in the MALAYSIA like as, Bathing and then praying in the Temples. There is a public holiday in the country too.




The same kind of excitement can be found in every part of Fiji. The people there, exchange gifts and sweets with their loved ones, clean their houses and beautify their homes with a number of decorations and lights. Various schools and universities also host Diwali functions and parties.




Diwali is known as TIHAR in Nepal. It is celebrated to worship goddess of wealth and the lord of beginnings. Cows and then dogs are given delicious meals. Crackers are burnt and sweets are distributed in the same way.



Sri Lanka

Popularly known as Deepawali in Sri Lanka celebrate it for 5 days as the Hindu Tamilians are scattered across the island. The festivities include burning of fireworks, lighting of diyas and having various rituals along with preparation and distribution of various sweets among all knowns and friends.




Having an estimated population of 100,000 Indians there, with the majority of Hindus. It is evident that the festival will be a bigger one in the country. Carnivals, parties are there, many more special functions are arranged there. The events mainly are fireworks display, food stalls offering Diwali sweets musical and dance performances.