6 Filmi Style Mistakes In Prep Ratan Dhan Payo

6 Filmi Style Mistakes In Prep Ratan Dhan Payo :-

Even though Vijay Singh releases the horses the sheer momentum that they were at before the fall should have made the horses go flying. But then who cares about scientific accuracy, here?


The coachman, who locked Salman inside the buggy and jumped was later reported to have been found and was to be questioned, but never appeared again.


Did anyone notice, everything in the film is up to date, including the technology used, but the caretaker for Vijay Singh was totally outdated at 80 years.


Ayodhya has never been subject to floods, ever. However the story writer here decided to play with geography and history just a little, for the sake of the Barjatiyas.


Maithili chose to fly down in a helicopter to visit the relief camp. But when she had to make a royal entrance, she chose to travel by a train. Even with the flowers, the train just doesn’t have the same coolness as a chopper.


Vijay Singh has an stockpile of cars in his garage, including convertibles which could have been used for the procession, but (sigh) he insists on the horse drawn stuff.