5 Scary Phone Numbers You Should Never Dial, It Can End Your Life

This article might be a little weird to you. Just like scary movies and haunted houses, there exist some scary phone numbers as well. What’s so creepy about these numbers is that they are cursed and you’re not supposed to call them. If you dare to dial these phone numbers, something terrible might happen to you!

Here are 5 scary stories from people who dialed creepy phone numbers & encountered a terrible situation:-

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1. 10 Million

This story spread around the whole Asia during a time. People believed that if you dial the number 10 million, you will hear the voice of a male. He will instantly tell you that if you do not call 15 people and tell them to call this number, you will die very quickly.

It was just like some of today’s Whatsapp pranks that tell people to share some pictures for the motive of spreading the knowledge of a number or anything.

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2. Call Carrie

In 2013, a movie named Carrie was released in which Carrie was a scary girl. At the end of the film, a number appeared on the screen for people to call. It was 12074042604 which said call Carrie. When you call it, the number would instantly hang up but then a different number would start calling you.

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3. Sadako’s number

Japanese people believe that a number 09044444444 is a sinister number. The number 4 sounds like the word of death to them and so you should never dare to dial this number. In case you still do it, you will hear a strange creepy noise and then die within one week from a freak accident. Many such incidents have occurred relating to it. It’s basically like the phone version of the Ring.

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4. Susie’s dying

This scary story dates back to the 1970s in the UK. Back then, there were paid phone booths everywhere in every street and there were strange numbers that could be called inside of them for free. When answered, a woman’s voice would reply saying ‘Help me, help me, Susie’s dying’. She would say that over and over again on repeat.

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Now, sometimes it would change to ‘Help me help me Suzy’s drowning’ which was equally creepy. 20202020 is the one number that apparently works.

5. The Red Number

This phone number originates from Nigeria back in July 2004. During this time, people all over the country started receiving warnings to not call or answer these numbers. It was said that they would appear on the phone in bright red color when it rang.

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If you dare to take the call, a high-frequency sound will blast out the phone and cause hearing loss and even brain hemorrhaging which killed people. At the time, the biggest Nigerian cell network in the country put out a statement claiming the deaths were a hoax. But, some people still swear that the numbers and the noise coming from them were 100% real.