5 Movies Hollywood Copied From Bollywood

We love watching English movies. As we grow up our interest in Hindi movies diminish and our love for English films gradually grows up.

The biggest reason behind it could be the more impressive storylines, or plot, super-amazing VFX, and originality.

The last one is the biggest reason for people to turn their attention towards Hollywood. Therefore, we tend to think that it is Bollywood who always copy from Hollywood. However, that’s not the case every time.

Yes, you heard it right. We are going to tell you those Hollywood films who found their inspiration in super hit Hindi movies from Bollywood-

1. Leap Year

Everything is same in Leap Year as in Jab We Met. The only difference is that the former is set in Ireland, therefore set in the backdrop of Irish traditions. While the latter one is filmed in Manali, and Bhatinda.

2. A Common Man

It is a remake of Indian film, A Wednesday. A Wednesday narrates a story of a common man who goes to extreme lengths to avenge his loss and in turn, our country’s loss. It was a sleeper hit, a critically acclaimed film which won many awards and recognitions. Its remake, A Common Man stars Oscar winning actor, Ben Kingsley, and actor, Ben Cross in lead roles. It is directed by Sri Lankan director Chandran Rutnam.

3. Delivery Man

Delivery man like Bollywood movie, Vicky Donar, focuses on the themes of sperm donation and infertility. In both the movies, the lead actor donates his sperm to earn money. However, the film is quite different from the original with Hollywood incorporating its touch.

4. Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour found its inspiration in the movie, Sangam. Both the films are same except one thing. The only difference is that in the former both the actors are pilots while in the latter one, only one is a pilot.

5. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

It was released in 2004 and was supposed to be the remake of Bollywood movie, Rangeela. There is only one difference in the films. In Rangeela, the small town girl attracts the attention of the celebrity actor with her superb dancing and win a role in a movie opposite him. Whereas in ‘Win A Date with Tad Hamilton’, the small town girl wins a contest to go on a date with the celebrity actor.

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