5 Facts About Kapil Sharma You Never Know

Kapil Sharma is the most loved actor host on TV industry. He is world wide famous for his comedy & his comic timing. You must know these facts if you are a die heart fan of Kapil Sharma.


-Kapil Sharma is from Chandigarh Punjab. He had to struggle for around 10 years for the name & fame he has now. He did threater in which he used to get only some money.


-Earlier Kapil Sharma wanted to become a singer. He came to mumbai only to try himself on bollywood music industry. He also participated in a musical show in which Lataji was very impressed by his way of singing & pleasing voice.


-Kapil was only 10 when he got to know his father had cancer at its last stage. His father is all same as like him he also use to make people laugh.


-In 2005 Kapil participated in a punjabi comedy show.


-From recent news it is seen that Kapil is in top richest people of India.