5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels Quickly

Cracked heels are every girl’s nightmare. It makes feet look unattractive and in some cases, they can even cause extreme pain. Cracked heels is a common problem among people. Ther are many reasons behind it like using harsh soap, wearing improper footwear, standing for a long period, diabetes or lack of moisture.

But there’s nothing to worry about them. You don’t have to visit a doctor or invest in expensive creams. Follow these simple home remedies and get rid of them all by yourself.

Cracked heels

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1 . Water against dry skin

Undoubtedly water is the best substance that can improve the condition of your feet. Fill a small tub with luke warm water. Put some salt and baking soda in the water. Now put your feet in the water. You would have to sit for atleast 10 minutes so that the skin of your feet becomes visibly softer.

2. Remove dead skin using pumice stone

Use a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin from your feet. Dead skin piles up on our feet and makes them look dull and unattractive. Therfore it is important to remove dead skin after every 15 days,

3. Scrubbing

You can make a foot scrub at your home using some basic substances. For a scrub, you”ll need just 2 things one Olive oil and second sugar. Mix them together and your scrub is ready. Use this homemade scrub after using the pumice stone. Oil that is present in this scrub will moisturize your feet and sugar removes dead skin.

3. Moisturising


As the major cause of cracked heels is dry skin. Then moisturizing is the best way to improve the condition of feet. Afer moisturizing wear your old socks to retain the effect of moisturizer for a longer time.

4. Glycerin

It is widely used by cosmeticians to moisturize the skin. You can prepare a simple mixture of glycerin and lemon juice. Mix them together and apply it on your feet. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and then wash your feet with water.

5. Ripe Banana

You can also use a ripe Banana to moisturize your skin. Mash the Banana and make a paste of it. Place the paste on your feet and leave it for 15 minutes. After that you can wash it off with water.

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Now as you know the practical know-how to heal those cracked heels, follow these simple home remedies and flaunt your beautiful feet to the world.