5 Different Ways Dussehra Is Celebrated In India

Dussehra like Diwali is another Indian festival that is celebrated across the country. But not everyone does it in the same manner. So let’s take a look at many types of Dussehra celebrations of this diverse culture.



Bengali people are always a little bit sad on this day, as their daughter Durga goes back to her in-laws home for a year. So to make this occasion happy, people prepare sweets at home and then they distribute it among the neighbors and relatives. Men also hug each other on this occasion.



Mysore celebrates the Dussehra with puja at homes. The biggest celebration takes place at Mysore palace. The entire palace is decorated with 10,000 lights and a lot of people come to see this visual extravaganza.



Tamil people see Dusshera as the occasion when they can get rid of all the negative energies from their lives by burning the idols of demon king Ravana. This Ravana idol burning happens at a big ground in the presence of thousands of people.



Delhi too like Chennai burns the idol of Ravana and celebrates the victory of God Ram on this day. The crowd cheers when the Ravana idol gets burned.



In Gujarat, this day is the end of Navarathri festival. Women and men celebrate the occasion by doing traditional Garba dance.

A lot of people travel to these places to see these celebrations.