4 Incidents From The Past That Prove That Time Travelers Actually Exist

Life is a mystery and this world too is altogether an entirely mysterious place. Wherever we go, we come across so many mystical phenomena that are still unsolved and has a touch of occult related to it.

One of them is Time Traveling. It seems next to impossible for someone to even think about traveling in parallel worlds like a God. It is indeed a godly trait. Though in the coming centuries, Science might achieve a piece of that, today we cannot even imagine it being possible.

Nevertheless, these 4 past incidents will prove all of you wrong. All these incidents bear a testimony to the theory of Time Traveling and also proves that Time Travelers actually existed.

1. The Vanishing Plane

40 years ago, a plane was about to land at the Ronald Reagan Washington National airport. However, all of a sudden, it vanished into thin air just before landing and emergency services were called thinking that the plane went off the air and might crash somewhere. It was just after 10 minutes, the plane reappeared at the exact same spot. Strangely enough, the clocks on the plane including passenger watches were 10 minutes behind to the normal time.

2. Robert Victor Goddard

Sir Robert Victor Goddard experienced time traveling while he was away to inspect an unused airfield. He claimed that he had already seen what was going to happen a few years later. He saw that the planes were yellow and people were working on the field with their ‘blue’ uniforms on. It struck him that British Air Force doesn’t use blue color uniforms. However, four years later, he witnessed the exact same scenario and thus decided to narrate his experience which also inspired a film.

3. The Vanishing Hotel

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It happened in 1979, a couple was on their way to Spain when the night struck and they had to spend the night at a hotel. It was very old-fashioned and the policemen were also wearing uniforms of before 1905. Even the staff charged them with 1/10 the expected prize. Later when they were returning from Spain, they decided to stay at the same hotel but they couldn’t find it. They tried really hard but everything was still the same except the hotel. When they finally reached home and developed the photos they clicked everything was normal but the pictures of the hotel were missing.

4. The Firebombing of Hamburg

German news journalist J Bernard Hudson and his photographer were busy with their work when they suddenly witnessed that all planes flying above were bombing. They took pictures but later when they developed the film, nothing was there. In 1943, 11 years later Hudson was in London and he saw the same attack with same pictures in a newspaper.

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