2nd Day Collections Are Out & You Won’t Believe Bajirao Mastani Beats Dilwale In Terms Of..

On Friday, 18th December, released two of the biggest movies of 2015 and with these two blockbusters coming on screens the same day, there has naturally been an atmosphere of comparison to find out which movie proved to be superior. Comparing from the perspective of earning is one of the most common methods to decide what audience found more interesting. We informed you about the first day collections of both the movies in which Dilwale succeeded in beating Bajirao Mastani and now in this article, we reveal the second day collection of both the movies. And surprisingly, this time, Bajirao Mastani beats Dilwale in terms of growth percentage between 1st & 2nd day collections.

Here’s Dilwale 2nd day collections which stand at Rs 20.09 Crore while on 1st Day Dilwale earned Rs 21 Crore:-

Whereas Bajirao Mastani 2nd day collections stand at Rs 15.52 Crore while on 1st Day Bajirao Mastani earned Rs 12.80 Crore:-

It is apparently clear from the tweets that Dilwale witnessed a decrease if we compare the movie’s second day earning from that of the first day; however, it’s expected that it may take a good turn on Sunday. On the other hand, on comparing the collections of Bajirao Mastani’s first and second days, a drastic increase can be seen in terms of growth percentage.

If you haven’t watched any of both movies so far, enjoy and share your views about them with us in the comments section below.