20 Weirdest People Ever Spotted On The Subway

When you commute on public transports, you often come across some weird folks. Some are only a bit weird but others are extremely peculiar. They are so strange either in their appearance or something they are doing that it makes you annoyed. There are also times when you find the sight extremely hilarious.

Here are 20 weirdest people ever spotted riding on a subway-

1. Just a girl and her raven on the subway

2. Power Rangers on the subway

3. Kim Jong Un just boarded the train. He seems BUSY!

4. It was Hamster Day, so this fella thought of taking him to his workplace

5. Random image taken on the train due to Manhattan from Astoria

6. Subway Pikachu

7. Creepy as hell

8. Nothing’s special, just a baby’s day out

9. Whatcha gonna do about this bruh?

10. This guy decided to setup his own hammock in the train

11. The cutest wizard I have ever seen

12. The new and trendy lettuce hat

13. Shit just got real on the subway

14. Do you even emo?

15. So the NYC subway banned dogs unless they are in a carrier. This hooman is amazing

16. Grand pa and grand ma are having a very busy day.

17. Hide that book, chap!

18. Subway keeps on getting better and better

19. Cheers bro!

20. Meanwhile in a Berlin metro. This text reads,”This Text Has No Other Purpose Than To Terrify Those Who Are Afraid Of The Arabic Language.”

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