17 Hilarious Stickers Which Proves How Funny Indians Can Be

When it comes tojugaad‘, Indians surpass even the most expert ones. And in the process, they can also get way too funny. Indians are so creative at advertising their products or decorating things that they make us laugh so hard.

You must have noticed many hoardings or autos in roads that have many weird quotes written over them. Some even get their new cars inked with some of the very embarrassing lines. There are various stickers, slogans and images on them when you are out on road.

They are so damn hilarious that you can’t stop yourself from peeking at them from your vehicle. Below are some extremely hilarious stickers which prove that how funny Indians can be-

1. He couldn’t afford a Volkswagen but he can definitely afford an epic sticker on his auto

2. This guy is very clear about his beliefs

3. Save your life. Beware of this ‘crazy woman driver’

4. What if I can’t afford a Lamborghini, I’ll make one

5. Attitude is his habbit not habit

6. He is that one guy who would converse in total swag with you and say,”agar tu sher hai to mai sava sher hun”

7. Stupid girls don’t deserve this handsome hunk

8. You should step back buddy, he is reloading

9. Now we know where the real inspiration for the song in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ came from

10. He doesn’t ship Arvind Kejriwal at all

11. Solution to all your problems

12. This car is insured by Mafia. He is watching you

13. The only thing he knows is Enjoying in life

14. This is so accurate. Quote on point

15. He will stick to you and annoy you till your last breath

16. Those who wanna suicide can kill him first

17. I don’t want that kind of negativity in my life

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