16-Year-Old Made A Better Search Engine Than Google, For The Google Science Fair!


Since Google’s CEO position was taken up by Indian origin, our newsfeeds have seen a lot of him. A whole lot of those posts led to articles about other Indians who are heading tech giants across the globe. So far we have established that Indians and technology is a good combination. Here is more proof!

A 16-year-old kid of Indian origin has come up with a search engine that is more accurate than Google by 47%. Anmol Tukrel coded this search engine for the Google Science Fair. What did he need to make the search engine? Just python-language development environment, a spreadsheet program and access to Google and New York Times.

It is to be considered that the software was tested only with the search of one news article on The News York Times and it provide very accurate results.

His search engine is better, according to Turkel because it doesn’t limit itself to location and browsing history, but also considers context and meaning before giving the results.

This search engine digs deeper into the content of the input text, understands the context and the underlying meaning, on top of matching it to the user’s personality.

He had an early start at coding in the 3rd grade. Turkel is a student of Holy Trinity School in Toronto. Talking about himself, “My computer teacher was pretty impressed with the project. I skipped a year in computer science, so they knew I was good, but may be not so good.”

The search engine is not all he has to his credit. Turkel also runs a company named ‘Tacocat Computers’ and would like to study Computer science from Stanford University.

If his search engine works well, we are looking at a new search engine and it is not anything that already exists.