11 Hilarious Dhanteras Tweets That Needs To Be Shared

In money crazy Nation like India, people are always looking for ways to save every penny.  The festival of Dhanteras marks the onset of Diwali. It is a common belief that one should not spend money on this day.


The auspicious day is celebrated by lighting oil lamps and worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. We associate the day with ‘Dhan’ i.e. money.
The increasing trend of wishing Dhanteras on social media channels is on rage. But, how cool it would look to give your wishes a humorous twist?

Twitter is the platform for expressing really funny one-liners and when you have an occasion as an excuse then you are sure to show your creativity. Here is a list of hilarious tweets on Dhanteras. Most of the people have been seen taking a dig on Bappi Lahiri (the Golden man). Bappi da is famous for carrying tons of gold on his body. Since, Dhanteras is associated with buying gold as a token of belief, Bappi da is trolled for his immense love for gold.

These tweets will make you uproar with laughter and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing these with your friends and family. Spread smiles this Dhanteras and have a gala time. A little bit of laughter added to anything can make it grand and these creative tweets will absolutely make your day and you will end up saying, “Man! These people have real talent.”