11 Hilarious Comments From Facebook That Will Make You Laugh Forever And Ever!

Facebook would be a dull place if the comment section was not there. Sometimes the comments are funnier than the post itself. People don’t shy away from making hilarious comments on posts. They don’t even spare their favorite celebrities. We have brought some of the most hilarious screenshots from Facebook. We can bet you can’t stop laughing after going through them.

  1. Looks like the boy has found his girl…

2. Click 40 likes and your son will be okay…

3. Seriously, 2 minutes of silence for those who liked this page for computer tricks.

4. Delhi’s Sarthak Agarwal was a topper last year with 99.6%. But where the hell he lost his 0.4% ?

5. Before knowing this topper, we used to wonder if people with 99% really exist or they are just fictional character.

6. This one is a bang on. We couldn’t stop laughing after reading this.

7. Akhilesh Ji, now it is high time to do what you promise in your public rallies.

8. Even the legendary was waiting for this time so that he buy a new sarod.

9. They really have to answer who will pay the amount?

10. This is the most hilarious comment one can see. The founder of the Facebook was himself trolled on his own site.

11. Because she is none other than Sunny Leone.

12. Does this mean that railway minister should also know how to run a train before becoming railway minister?

13. What if Sachin Tendulkar would have thought about making a career at Tennis? Roger Federer is thankful to Sachin for this.


You must be rolling on your bed and laughing after reading the hilarious comments. Now do not blame us for the pain in your stomach. We warned you about it.