10 Worst Fashion Blunders You Will Ever See

Everybody wants to be in fashion. They wanna look trendy and feel that way too. If we are to say that we have always been fashion frenzy then no one can deny this fact. From the earliest of times, people engaged in the fashion industry are much concerned about new trends and demands.

Therefore, a certain fashionable item arrives in the market, remains in there for some time, and then bid adieu to us. However, old fashion is always retrieved repeatedly though with some necessary modifications suiting modern day needs.

These modern demands have been extremely gross at times and will make you think again about your fashion tastes.

Here are 10 fashion items which are an epitome of worst fashion blunders you will ever see.

1. Beauty Nipple

You just have to attach these stick-ons to your tits and there you go.

2. Crystallized tears

These are attached to your eye balls and help you fake emotions.

3. Neckpiece with a mouse in it

It contains a mouse ensnared inside the cage-like necklace, running all night long around your neck. This is absolutely gross.

 4. Biting bracelet

If you are a daredevil then here’s a bit-bite bracelet only for you.

5. Denims

Denims are always in fashion but I guess this one would never be on the list. It’s like how could you even think about doing something like this to your once favorite pair. Better dump them in the dustbin.

6. Men in tights

Well, Ladies can pull it off pretty well. But here you are wrong fellas. These pants should never be your deal.

7. Handsfree umbrella

Why hold an umbrella in the rain, when they can give you this s***.

8. Clawed necklace

How about these? You can rock the streets and scare the shit out of others while wearing this.

9. Mascara

Why fret over your smudgy, watery mascara when this one’s already here to save your butt. Are these eyelashes or spider’s legs? Ah, it’s creepy.

10. Female lips and breasts

The timeless fashion items of awkward male appreciation.

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