You Won’t Believe That These 10 Veg Foods Are Actually Non-Veg

Vegetarians are often very choosy about food when going to a restaurant. They eat only the selected veg foods which they consider to be pure veg. But what we are going to tell you today might give many vegetarians a heart attack. What if we tell you that some of your regular foods are actually non-veg.

Here is the list of 10 veg foods that are actually non-veg:-

1. Potato Chips

veg foods

Some potato chips, especially of barbecue flavor, contains chicken fat in them.

2. Salad dressing

Vegetarians often consider that out of all veg foods, salad is pure. But no! You might be surprised to learn that the salad is veg but the dressing used is non-veg many a times. Many of the sauces contain egg in them.

veg foods

3. Cheese

Some cheese contains rennet in them which is an enzyme derived from animal gut i.e. gastrointestinal tract.

4. Manchow soup

While ordering man chow soup at restaurants, they offer two choices – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. What if you tell you that the veg soup is actually not pure veg? The soup actually contains fish sauce i.e. Tom Yum sauce in it. Not all restaurants mix the fish sauce but make sure to check from now on.

veg foods

5. Jelly

The main ingredient found in jellies is gelatin which is an animal derivative.

6. Heart-friendly oil

Most of the heart-friendly oils contain omega-3 acids that are extracted from fish oil. You might have come across ads that claim that the oil contains Vitamin D but once again the vitamin is derived from sheep!

veg foods

7. Cake Mix

Many of the cake mixes available outside contain lard and pork fat in them.

8. Naan

veg foods

You won’t believe that some restaurants use eggs while kneading the naan dough so as to make it soft and elastic.

9. Beer

veg foods

Most of the beer makers use fish bladders (Isinglass) for clarifying the beer and giving it a color.

10. White sugar

This is one of the basic veg foods ingredients found in every household. But truly white sugar is not pure veg. An ingredient called ‘natural carbon’ is used while bleaching sugar crystals but what is called ‘natural’ is actually charred animal bones.