10 Unknown Facts about Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion has created history by earning Rs. 450 crore (globally) within  3 days of its release. It has broken all the records of Bollywood movies and has surpassed the earnings of Biggest Bollywood Hits of all times viz. Sultan and Dangal.

The movie is just a treat for the eyes and the effort that has been put into the movie actually shows on the screen. All the people associated with the movie have put their heart and soul into the movie for over four years now.

Here, we bring some unknown facts about the movie that would surely amaze you –

1. The Director S. Rajamouli shot four different climax sequences to safeguard the movie from any online leaks

744114Source: Bollywood Life

2. The Mahishmati kingdom was built by a team of 2000 people

MahismatiSource: Ferns&Petals

3. The 20 minute climax of the movie costed Rs. 40 crore

baahubali-climax-fb_647_061316031727Source: India Today

4. The movie has 2500 VFX shots

bahubali-editing-before-and-after-sceneSource: DontGetSerious

35 Studios from around the world have worked on the Special Effects of the movie. This shows the extent to which VFX have been integrated into the movie. It also helped safeguard the movie from being leaked by someone.

5. Prabhas has devoted Five years of his life to the movie

baahubali-story_647_031116123936Source: India Today

The superstar has not taken up a single project during the last five years and has been working solely on the Baahubali Faranchise over all these years.

6. Over 1500 Custom Jewellery pieces were specially made for the female cast so that they look the part

3e9aea6805531bfc353aca7ea15a3920Source: Pinterest

7. The movie has already earned Rs. 500 crore even before releasing

prabhas-story_647_100316034918Source: India Today

The success of the first part ensured that the Television, Satellite, musical and theatrical rights of the movie were sold at astronomical prices.

8. Tickets are being sold at Rs. 5000 in Black Market

_86949812_gettyimages-96571715Source: BBC

When other movies are just looking for the theaters to fill; there is this movie wherein the tickets are still not available even after releasing over 9000 screens. This can help you understand the love shown by audience to this product of highest quality made with honesty.

9. Prabhas gained 30 kgs to look a great BAAHUBALI in the movie

baahu-story_647_022517053829Source: IndiaToday

10. Baahubali 3 is on the cards

Director S. Rajamouli sir has indicated that Baahubali 3 is on the cards and the details will be provided at the appropriate time.

We are definitely waiting for Baahubali 3 to dazzle us!!