10 Movies Where Actors Had Real Love Making On-Screen

Whenever we come across some intimate scenes in a movie, we have a real thing going on inside us as well. Sex scenes in some movies seem so real that we cannot conceal our emotions and our faces betray us. They are surprising, and entertaining, arousing our sexual side and curiosity for what’s gonna follow.

Although these sex scenes are absolutely made-up, there ARE some movies where the actors really did it on-screen.

Here we have brought you 9 movies where the actors had real sex on-screen-

1. 9 Songs

The film made headlines due to the controversial, real sex scene in the movie between the lead actors, Kieran O’Brian and Margo Stilley.

2. Love

A French drama film, the plot of Love revolves around a school girl and had many unsimulated sex scenes between the actors.

3. Caligula

Also termed as a pornographic film, the makers of Caligula added a real sex scene in the movie post its production. The lead actors in the movie are Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren.

4. Shortbus

Shortbus is a romantic comedy which became famous due to its real sex scenes. They were filmed in an artsy sexual salon situated in Brooklyn as shown in the movie.

5. The Brown Bunny

The 2003 film featured a real oral sex scene between Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny.

6. The Idiots

The movie caught widespread attention because some scenes were actually performed by porn industry stand ins.

7. Cruising

The movie became a center of attraction as it featured real gay sex. However, later it was mostly cut out from the movie to achieve an R rating.

8. Intimacy

The 2001 British mainstream movie had real sex scenes between the lead actors. It was a hit and also received an award for Best Film at Berlin Film Festival.

9. Pola X

The 1999 French romantic drama centers around a young novelist who meets a young woman who claims to be his lost sister. However, the two fall in love with each other and the movie also contains some unsimulated sex scenes.

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