9 Compliments Your Girlfriend Always Want To Hear From You

After being in love the first challenge we get in a relation to get time for each other, for which we need a lot of changes in our schedule & that’s not easy for everyone. When we are in relation we need to make our partner happy as much as we can because if she is happy, she will try to make us happy to 🙂 otherwise it will not much time to get apart. To make this relation full of love and affection you will need to compliment her according to the time. Her dressing sense , way of thinking , smiling we need to compliment according to the condition in which we are. Now we will give compliments which she really going to like.

1. Aaj Tum Bahut Acchi Lag Rahi Ho


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2. Tumhari Aankho Me Kho Jaane Ka Man Karta Hai, Ye Bahut Sundar Hai


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3. Tum Indian Dress Me Kuch Jyada Hi Khubsurat Lagti Ho


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4. Tum Khana Accha Banati Ho


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5. Yaar ! Baalo Me Kya Karwaya Hai Bahut Acche Dikh Rahe Hai


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6. Meri Maa Ko Tum Jarur Pasand Aaogi


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7. Tum Bina Makeup Ke Bhi Bahut Khubsurat Lagti Ho


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8. Yaar Tum Gaati Bahut Accha Ho


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9. Tumne Meri Life Ko Apne Jaisa Khubsurat bana Diya Hai


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